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Rice production reaches 34.449 million tons in FY 2013-14

Economic Correspondent: Bangladesh has produced around 34.449 million tons of rice, basis milled, in FY 2013-14 (July - June), up about 2.7% from around 33.833 million tons produced in FY 2012-13, according to provisional official estimates from the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

With new tech tools, precision farming gains traction

Risingbd Desk, USA:  At LittleBohemia Creek Farm, the tractor pretty much drives itself, weaving through rows of corn using GPS technology as it injects carefully dosed amounts of fertilizer.

PRAN conducts training program for mango farmers

Risingbd Desk
PRAN arranged a training program for mango farmers at its agro factory in Natore recently.

Call to use modern tech to increase crops production

Panchagarh Correspondent

Speakers at a workshop in the district have urged  the farmers to use modern technologies in a bid to increase crops production.

Mango cultivator names new hydrid after Narendra Modi

Risingbd Desk, LUCKNOW

Veteran mango cultivator Padamshri Haji Kalimullah has developed a new variety of mango and named it ‘Namo aam’ after prime minister-designate Narendra Modi.

French corn farmers turn to drip irrigation

Risingbd Desk, Thouars, May 15
Corn farmers in the verdant plains of southwestern France have responded to dwindling water resources by adopting drip irrigation -- a money- saving technique invented in the 1960s in Israel.

CO2 ‘significantly reduces’ nutrients in major food crops

Risingbd Desk, DHAKA, May 7: Rising levels of CO2 around the world will significantly impact the nutrient content of crops according to a new study.

Family Farmers Hold Keys to Agriculture in a Warming World

Risingbd Desk, DHAKA, May 2: Faced with global warming and a population that will swell to nine billion by 2050, a growing number of experts say that the way to feed the masses as climate change makes growing our food more difficult is to focus on family farmers, who often can barely feed themselves.

Tea prices rise in last auction of the season

Risingbd Desk, DHAKA, Apr 30: Tea prices in Bangladesh rose on Tuesday at the last auction of the current season, snapping a three-week run of declines, although a large volume remained unsold due to higher supplies of end-season poor grade leaf.

PRAN Agro, Syngenta Foundation sign MoU to help farmers

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Apr 16: Syngenta Foundation Bangladesh and PRAN Agro Business Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Disease threatens world`s banana crop: UN

Risingbd Desk, ROME, Apr 15: The United Nations warned yesterday of the potential "massive destruction" of the world`s $5.0-billion (3.6-billion euro) a year banana crop as a plant disease spreads from Asia to Africa and the Middle East.

PRAN, Land O` Lakes sign MoU to boost dairy sector

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Apr 7: PRAN Dairy Limited and Land O` Lakes Inc. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to boost the Bangladesh`s dairy sector.

$2m Japanese grant for affordable crop insurance

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 26: Japan will provide a grant of US$2 million to develop innovative new crop insurance products for giving small-holder farmers of Bangladesh income protection from increasingly severe storms and natural disasters.

Govt to buy 10 lakh tons of rice

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 20: Food Minister Qamrul Islam on Thursday said that the government decided to buy 10 lakh tons of rice, one and half lakh tons of paddy and another one and half lakh tons of wheat from farmers in the country.

Jatka Conservation Week from today

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 18: With theme ‘If you protect jatka, you will get hilsa for 12 months’ the ‘Jatka Conservation Week-2014’ began today and it will continue.  

GM crops: UK scientists call for new trials

Risingbd Desk, LONDON, Mar 16: A new report on genetically modified (GM) crops, commissioned by the prime minister, calls for more UK field trials and fewer EU restrictions.

Expert committee to be formed to help protect Halda

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 12: An independent expert committee is going to be formed to help protect the Halda River, the country’s only breeding ground for carp fish.

Socialism must in agriculture development: Inu

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 6: The Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu on Thursday said that any development in the agricultural sector was impossible avoiding socialism.

Farmers see bumper potato production

District Correspondent, JESSORE, Mar 3: Farmers of ten south-western districts under Khulna division see bumper potato production in this current season.

Bangladesh to export shrimps to Russia

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Feb 26: Bangladesh is going to export shrimps to Russia very soon as both the countries have agreed to resolve their differences regarding its export.

45.52 lakh m. ton fish production expected by 2021

Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, Feb 18: The fisheries sector of Bangladesh achieved an average growth rate of six percent in last five years. With this rate the government is expecting to increase fish production to 45.52 lakh m. ton by the year 2021.

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