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10 things a man wants in a woman

Risingbd Desk: Are you a single woman who has kissed umpteen toads but not yet landed the Prince? Or are you just holding on to something that was never meant to be? If you want to know what makes a man fall for a woman and willing to walk her down the aisle, read on...

7 things to avoid when you`re drunk

Risingbd Desk: Drinking may be fun, but ensure that you don`t have to bear the consequences.

7 types of men women can’t resist

Risingbd Desk: Here is a list of different kind of guys that interest a girl. Which is your kind?

5 Ways to get a good sleep

Risingbd Desk: A good night`s sleep is one of the most vital elements of a healthy body and sound mind.

Women more nutritionally knowledgeable than men

Risingbd Desk: Women are, in general, more nutritionally knowledgeable and engage in healthier food shopping strategies than men, says a new research.

5 things you should do for your woman

Risingbd Desk: If you`re in a relationship, make sure you do these things.

Tips for a tech-free holiday

Risingbd Desk: A vacation where you`re disconnected from the rest of the world is a great way to beat stress.

10 things to avoid while seducing a woman

Risingbd Desk: If you want to win a woman you need to avoid certain things.

Food and dining trends of 2014

Risingbd Desk: From organic food to ancient grains, tapas to molecular gastronomy, spiced flavoured beverages to edible flowers and unexplored regional cuisine, Food and Beverages (F&B) in 2014 was a mélange of the old and the new.

People who feel younger may live longer: Study

Risingbd Desk: Everyone dies, but a new study says feeling sprightly might suggest a person has more time left than people who feel their age or older.

Lazing around at Manali’s Lazy Dog café

Risingbd Desk: Manali is the most heavenly and blissful place I have ever been to. Lyrics from Kishore Kumar-Nutan starrer Dilli Ka Thug – Yeh Ratein, Yeh Mausam Nadi Ka Kinara, Ye Chanchal Hawayen best desribe the beauty of mesmerising Manali.

Home remedies to fight hair thinning

Risingbd Desk: Thanks to pollution, increasing stress levels and bad quality of water, experts say that hair loss and hair thinning are at an all-time high.

7 ways to get picture perfect smile

Risingbd Desk: Nothing beats a beautiful smile! And with selfies and instant photo sharing becoming a fad, a camera-ready smile is great to have and experts say there are seven ways to achieve that.

Bringing Vincent van Gogh`s ear `back to life`

Risingbd Desk: Dutch artist Diemut Strebe grew a replica copy of painter Vincent van Gogh`s ear earlier this year.

The slow decline of fast food in America

Risingbd Desk: The hospitals of the Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City, Missouri no longer serve fast food in their cafeterias, after ending a contract with McDonald`s in 2012—two years ahead of schedule.

Prospective brides prefer to meet guy first, family later

Risingbd Desk: Indian girls are becoming more forthright than ever about their marital choices. It’s evident from a survey which shows they prefer to meet a prospective groom before his family.

Home remedies for bright white teeth

Risingbd Desk: Pearly whites gone pale! One of the most common problems that every dentist comes across.

On the Loose: Socially Awkward

Risingbd Desk: Between the father-son duo of Kashmir Deputy Inspector General Shakeel Ahmed Beig and his son Tony, it’s a toss up deciding who’s behaviour has been more appalling.

Foods that help lose weight

Risingbd Desk: If you want to curb your appetite and stop sugar cravings, here`s what you need to add to your grocery list.

He doesn`t find me attractive anymore...

Risingbd Desk: So is it really true that a husband loses interest in his wife after pregnancy? Reports claim that every one in three women feel that their husbands do not find them attractive anymore after child birth.

Keep wrinkles away with simple lifestyle changes

Risingbd Desk: Wrinkles are a part of the ageing process. But that doesn`t mean you can`t delay them! Simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in ensuring that you don`t get wrinkles.