Dhaka: 11:17 AM, Mon, 25 Mar, 2019

People don't become adults until their 30s

Risingbd Desk: Have you ever been told to "grow up" in your 20s or need an excuse as to why you still find cat videos on the internet really funny?

UK patient free of HIV after stem cell treatment

Risingbd Desk: A UK patient's HIV has become "undetectable" following a stem cell transplant - in only the second case of its kind, doctors report in Nature.

Dragon capsule heads for space station

International Desk: The demonstration flight of America’s new astronaut capsule will see it attempt to dock with the International Space Station (ISS).

Call to ban killer robots in wars

International Desk: A group of scientists has called for a ban on the development of weapons controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Chemicals repair damaged neurons in mice

Risingbd Desk: New results suggest ageing brains can potentially be rejuvenated, at least in mice, according to researchers.

Redditors erupt at 'China tech funding'

Science Desk: A reported investment by Chinese tech giant Tencent in Reddit has sparked a backlash on the popular community news site over censorship fears.

Cosmic pile-up gives glimpse of how planets are made

Risingbd Desk: Astronomers say they have the first evidence of a head-on collision between two planets in a distant star system.

Blue planet will get even bluer as Earth warms

Risingbd Desk: Rising temperatures will change the colour of the world's oceans, making them more blue in the coming decades say scientists.

Egypt unveils Pharaonic tomb containing 50 mummies

Desk Report: Egyptian archaeologists uncovered a Pharaonic tomb containing 50 mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era, in Minya, south of Cairo, the ministry of antiquities said on Saturday.

More over-75s should take statins

Risingbd Desk: More people over the age of 75 should be taking statins, scientists have said, following a review of research.

GM chickens lay eggs with anti-cancer drugs

Risingbd Desk: Researchers have genetically modified chickens that can lay eggs that contain drugs for arthritis and some cancers.


Global health research money reaches record high

Risingbd Desk: Funding to tackle 33 significant diseases has reached its highest level since figures were taken, says a survey which has tracked this for 11 years.

UK team drills record West Antarctic hole

International Desk: UK scientists have succeeded in cutting a 2km hole through the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to its base.

China Moon probes take snaps of each other

Risingbd Desk: A Chinese rover and lander have taken images of each other on the Moon's surface.

BMW creates 'a Martian pod on wheels'

Desk Report: BMW’s new concept should be music to the eyes and ears of anyone who has been stuck behind a caravan on a B road.