Dhaka: 3:06 PM, Wed, 21 Mar, 2018

World's biggest jet engine takes to the skies

Risingbd Desk: Incredible footage has revealed the moment that the world's biggest jet engine took to the skies for the first time, ahead of its planned maiden commercial flight in 2020.

How did Stephen Hawking live so long with ALS?

Risingbd Desk: ALS has a life expectancy of about three to 10 years, but Stephen Hawking lived with the disease for more than five decades.

Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

International Desk: World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.

Scientists are one step closer to a HIV cure

Risingbd Desk: A cure for HIV could be in the pipeline, scientists claim.

What happened before the Big Bang?

Risingbd Desk: At the time of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years, all matter in the universe erupted from a singularity to create the cosmos that we know today.

Single blood test screens for eight cancer types

Desk Report: Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers in USA developed a single blood test that screens for eight common cancer types and helps identify the location of the cancer.

Signal detected from 'cosmic dawn'

Risingbd Desk: Scientists say they have observed a signature on the sky from the very first stars to shine in the Universe.

Humans will be on Mars within 20 years

Risingbd Desk: Humans could be exploring Mars within the next 20 years thanks to commercial space flight entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, British astronaut Tim Peake has said.

Wearable tech aids stroke patients

Risingbd Desk: Scientists in the US are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients.

Samsung Galaxy S9 focuses on camera

Risingbd Desk: New and improved camera capabilities are the main thrust of Samsung's pitch for its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and larger S9+.

Mini-tumours created to battle cancer

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have been able to predict how cancer patients will respond to therapy by growing miniature versions of their tumours in the laboratory.

Chinese police catch criminals with sunglasses

International Desk: During one of the most chaotic mass migrations in the Chinese calendar, Chinese police have been equipped with some high-tech gadgetry to help seek out criminals on the ground.

Genes remain active after death

Risingbd Desk: Cells continue to function even after an individual dies. That's according to a scientific study published in Nature Communications.

First human eggs grown in laboratory

Risingbd Desk: Human eggs have been grown in the laboratory for the first time, say researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully

Risingbd Desk: US entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched his new rocket, the Falcon Heavy, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

BNP’s public rally now March 29

Senior Reporter: BNP now wants to hold its public rally at Suhrawardy Udyan in the city on March 29 after failing to get permission two times.

Salman-Priyanka to unite for ‘Bharat’ after 10 years

Entertainment Desk: After a whole lot of speculation about global star Priyanka Chopra’s next Bollywood project, it is now being reported that she will be paired with Salman Khan after 10 years. Produced by Atul Agnihotri, the two superstars will be reportedly uniting for a project named Bharat.