Dhaka: 7:16 AM, Mon, 19 Nov, 2018

Xiaomi phone threatens a price war

Desk Report: Xiaomi has unveiled a smartphone with high-end features and a budget price, under a new brand.

Uber rolls out insurance for riders, drivers in Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent: Uber, the world’s largest on-demand ridesharing company, today announced the launch of a first-of-its kind insurance program for riders and driver partners.

'Next budget will be an IT business-friendly one'

Risingbd Desk: Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Monday said ICT sector will get priority in the upcoming budget for the fiscal year 2018-19.

Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have detected an unexpected rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11, a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) highly damaging to the ozone layer.

Bangabandhu-1: First upgraded Falcon 9 rocket

Desk Report: SpaceX debuted a more reusable, higher-thrust model of the Falcon 9 rocket Friday, hauling Bangladesh’s first communications satellite into orbit from Florida’s Space Coast.

Bangabandhu satellite to be launched early Friday

Staff Correspondent: Bangladesh is set to step into space early Friday as it will launch its first communication satellite 'Bangabandhu-I' into the orbit.

Agencies aim to deliver rocks from Mars to Earth

Risingbd Desk: The US and European space agencies are edging towards a joint mission to bring back rock and soil samples from Mars.


US soldier gets world's first penis and scrotum transplant

Risingbd Desk: A team of US doctors has successfully carried out the world's first total transplant of a penis and scrotum.

Rotten egg gas around planet Uranus

Risingbd Desk: The planet Uranus has clouds made up of hydrogen sulphide, the gas that gives rotten eggs their unpleasant smell.

Planet-hunter launched from Florida

Risingbd Desk: The US space agency's Tess satellite has launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on a mission to find thousands of new worlds beyond our Solar System.

The first person on Mars 'should be a woman'

Risingbd Desk: A senior Nasa engineer has said the first person to set foot on Mars should be a woman.

Digital security act is not for gagging freedom of expression

Desk Report: Digital security act has been made not to gag freedom of expression rather to stop spreading of falsehood and militant activities through social media to protect minority community, said Prime Minister's ICT affairs adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

Dozen black holes found at galactic centre

Risingbd Desk: A dozen black holes may lie at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, researchers have said.

‘One-stop shops’ set to speed up cancer diagnosis

Risingbd Desk: "One-stop shops" aimed at speeding up cancer diagnosis are being introduced across England.

Conservationists use astronomy software to save species

Risingbd Desk: Researchers are using astronomical techniques used to study distant stars to survey endangered species.