Dhaka: 5:58 PM, Sat, 25 Feb, 2017
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E-cigarettes may be great risk of stroke

Risingbd Desk: We've just been told that e-cigarettes are the safest way to smoke.

5 ways to boost child’s self-confidence

Risingbd Desk: When a child topples over or bickers with a friend on the playground, a parent's first instinct is often to intervene. While it may resolve the short-term issue, stepping in stunts their budding self-confidence in the long run.

Cover of writer Uday Hakim's book unveiled

Staff Correspondent: The cover of the new book of writer Uday Hakim has been unveiled at the ongoing month-long Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030

Risingbd Desk: South Korean women will be the first in the world to have an average life expectancy above 90, a study suggests.

Earth has a new continent

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have identified a new continent to the east of Australia that they have named 'Zealandia'.

Five-star hotel for cats!

Risingbd Desk: Cat owners in Malaysia no longer have to feel guilty leaving their pets behind when they jet off on a humans-only vacation.

10 foods that you should never reheat

Risingbd Desk: A lot of us are in the habit of storing food and then reheating it at the time of consumption. But what if you were told that reheating certain foods actually make them toxic?

Massive molten carbon under US could cause climate CHAOS

Risingbd Desk: A huge well of molten carbon that would spell disaster for the planet if released has been found under the US.


Astronomers find 60 new planets like Earth

Risingbd Desk: In the hunt for life outside Earth, researchers have discovered 60 new planets orbiting stars near our solar system.

7 Ayurvedic superfoods you should eat every day

Risingbd Desk: When it comes to embracing the benefits of Ayurveda, watching what you eat is possibly the best way to start. “Ahar (meaning dietary habits in Ayurveda) says that food eaten should have at least one of six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent,” says Dr Rahul Dogra of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group, an institution that has been dedicated to Ayurvedic research and healthcare for over two decades. “The right foods promote sattva (purity), detox the body, and rejuvenate it as well, leading to an overall increase in immunity, physical and mental strength, and digestion."

Mystery red sprites and blue jets are spotted in space

Risingbd Desk: For years, their existence has been debated - elusive electrical discharges in the upper atmosphere that sport names such as red sprites, blue jets, pixies and elves.

10 signals from our bodies that need to be taken seriously

Risingbd Desk: Our bodies are one of the most complicated machines. Like any sophisticated machine, they constantly send information about defects: in this case, the workings of our internal organs and systems. However, we often ignore what our bodies tell us, and this is a big mistake.

Cancer cases may rise 6 times among women in 20 yrs

Risingbd Desk: Incidence of cancer is projected to be six times more among women over the next two decades, mainly because of obesity, according to an assessment by Cancer Research, UK.

E-cigarettes increase risk of heart disease

Risingbd Desk: Smoking electronic cigarettes does increase your risk of heart disease, a new study claims.

Our changing attitudes to chimpanzees

Risingbd Desk: The revelations about the illegal trade in baby chimpanzees triggered an outpouring of emotion on social media about the cruelty suffered by these adorable animals.