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Bangladesh will become hub for S Asia's industry, technology

Amirul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-10-08 11:14:51 AM     ||     Updated: 2017-10-08 11:14:51 AM

Now smartphone will be made in Bangladesh. Walton, one of the leading electronics and electrical appliances manufacturers in Bangladesh, will make this phone. State Minister for Post and Telecommunication Tarana Halim inaugurated the factory of the country's first smartphone at Chandra in Gazipur on Thursday. Through the inauguration of the factory, Bangladesh has become one of the smartphone producing countries which is a great pride for the country.

A new chapter has been opened for the digital Bangladesh through the inauguration of this smartphone producing factory. It will remain as a milestone in the history of technological development and expansion in the country. Initially in the factory, imported parts of the phone will be added to the locally produced parts. A process to produce full-fledged handsets is set to begin from next year. At first stage, around 25 lakh to 30 lakh units of handsets will be produced here in the factory.

Smartphones are now available for all ages of people in the excellence of technology. At present, smartphones are found at the hands of general people even in the remote areas although most of them are based on import and affordable price. We expect the local brand Walton will meet the demand of a huge number of people in the country. All ages of people who are living in cities or in remote areas will easily avail the smartphones produced in the Walton factory. But the company will have to keep the price of the smartphones within the reach of the general people for the interests of the competitive market.

Local software and hardware industry will get an opportunity to be boosted if the smartphones are produced in the country. Alongside, this will help increase employment opportunity. As a result, the government, National Board of Revenue (NBR) and overall the people of the country will obviously be benefited from this initiative. Besides, the production of the smartphones in the country will create an opportunity to earn foreign currency if its market can be expanded outside of the country. It will help uphold the image of Bangladesh as well as bring fame for the country. But it will be the bounden responsibility of the company to produce quality products.

The country was dependent on foreign countries for mobile handsets for long. Development of local industry in this sector was stalled despite its huge possibility. The country has been able to pull itself out of this situation through the establishment of Walton smartphone factory. We pay good wishes to Walton for taking up this initiative. We hope local market of technology will be more expanded for this initiative and Bangladesh will become a hub for industry and technology of South Asian countries.

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