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Is your child fully experiencing the best childhood?

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Publish on: 2018-07-04 4:58:21 PM     ||     Updated: 2018-07-05 5:39:43 PM

Risingbd Desk: The age range from 5 to 14 is a crucial time for any child. This is the time when a child starts learning from different sources of activities. The physical and mental development of children also occurs during this period. Children exhibits remarkable hunger to grow at this phase. So, it is important that parents should provide them the opportunity to do different childhood activities so that it can help them to enhance their mental and physical growth. However, as a parent you need to be more careful about the needful activities of your children so that he can enjoy his childhood to the fullest.

There are many activities which can fuel children’s hunger to grow and experience various aspects which can ensure their current and future development and wellbeing. There are many options of physical engagement starting from simply being active and enjoying a round of cricket, football or basketball with friends. There are other avenues aside from team sports such as learning a form of martial arts, swimming that can help children grow healthy. Alongside the physical activities, there is an array of engagements which can open the window to creativity and wonder in children. Engaging in arts and crafts, creating something by one’s own imagination ignites pathways for the children to be positively curious and promote an active and positive mental health. A lot of children demonstrate an interest in gathering knowledge about assorted topics, participating in science fairs or enabling them to participate in writing competitions will further enhance their interest.

Healthy use of the electronic gadgets to play general knowledge games, solving quizzes and puzzles along with parents  not only increases the quality time children spend with parents but also contribute to their learning. Since excess time on gadgets has become a problem for children, engaging in short but meaningful activities with gadgets would bring out positive outcome for children. There are mobile applications which provide fun and interactive ways to learn new languages, memory aiding games, learning tricks and tips to master various topics like quantitative problems. Despite the fact that there are a lot of mental and physical activities for a child to engage in, we see a lack of hunger for growth and experience in majority of kids. One of the key reasons for this can be inadequate nutritional intake. A lot of times we perceive that children are absorbing all the essential nutrients by eating various healthy homemade foods, however, most of the times a nutritional gap remains. In such cases, children may not be able to enjoy their childhood time to the fullest.

The solution can be simple which is feeding children a diverse diet including a variety of cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and animal-source foods. Parents can also look out for fortified foods and drinks such as horlicks, which have been consistently ranked as the top investments to make in a child’s development.

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