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‘Swadhinata Offer’ on Walton Laptops

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-03-15 7:21:25 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-03-16 3:13:07 PM

Staff Reporter: Walton, the country’s leading electrical, electronics and ICT products manufacturing and marketing company, is providing special offer on laptops on the occasion of the glorious Independence Day (Swadhinata Dibosh)of Bangladesh.

Under the ‘Swadhinata Offer’, customers are given LED televisions and smartphones on buying selected models of Walton brand laptops. The special offer is valid throughout the month of March.

Sources said, Walton Laptops are brought to market with the joint collaborations of Walton, Intel, Microsoft and Bijoy Bangla. The Walton brand laptops received huge admiration at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) in January last.

Walton authorities announced the offer for customers to present them something special in the month of Independence following the positive response at DITF. 

Under the ‘Swadhinata Offer’, customers who buy any Core i5 laptop of Passion or Tamarind series on cash, are given a smartphone free. A 19-inch LED television is given on any Core i7 laptops of the two series. A 20-inch LED Boom Box television is available on cash buying of any Core i7 laptop under Karonda and Waxjambu series. The customers have also the option of receiving cash discount.

The offer is valid in buying laptops from any Walton Plaza and Sales Points across the country including the Walton Plaza at IDB Bhaban in city’s Agargaon. The offer which was made available on March 1 will be effective throughout the month.


Unified with smart design, attractive color and latest features, a total of 22 models of Walton brand laptops under four series – Passion, Tamarind, Karonda and Waxjambu – are available on the market. Among them, 10 models of laptops under Passion series starting from Tk.23,990 to Tk.55,550 are available for customers.

The lowest price for 10 models under Tamarind series is Tk.22,990 while the highest is Tk.55,000.

One model of high speedy and multitasking feature laptop for each series of Karonda and Waxjambu are available on the market. The only laptop under Karonda series will cost Tk.79,550 while the WaxjambuTk.89,550. Customers are getting 2 years warranty in all models of Walton laptops.

The most attractive feature of Walton brand laptops is the inclusion of Bangla fonts along with English fonts on key-boards. Built-in Bijoy Bangla software and Bangla fonts on key-boards are available only in Walton brand laptops in Bangladesh.

Walton released different models and prices laptops depending on the requirements and necessities of businessmen, service holders, gamers, web designers and students.

Walton authorities said they specially brought 2 models of laptops at affordable prices for students to boost the technology based education which is one of the vital tools for developing ‘Digital Bangladesh’. The models are Tamarind WT14B71G and Passion WP14B71S which costs only Tk.22,990 and Tk.23,990 respectively.

Students can easily prepare their assignments, presentations, read digital e-books and do programming, web designing, outsourcing along with a wide range of tasks using these laptops. 

A Walton Plaza has recently started its journey at BCS Computer City of IDB Bhaban in city’s Agargaon to make technological devices including laptops and tabs available for customers. Besides, customers across the country can buy any models of Walton laptop on 12-month installment facility.

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