Dhaka: 6:38 PM, Sun, 15 Dec, 2019

Corporal punishment holding back Bangladesh

Sir Frank Peters: If, as they say ‘ignorance is bliss’, Supreme Court justices Md. Imman Ali and Md. Sheikh Hassan Arif have profuse apologies to make to the entire nation, especially some ‘teachers’ for banning corporal punishment in schools and madrasahs and spoiling their blissful state.

Bangladesh must speak out or to face longer Rohingya crisis

M Mahfuzur Rahman: What does Myanmar actually desire with Rohingya crises? Is Bangladesh’s diplomacy being run with proper way?  Why doesn’t Bangladesh work proactively in resolving the issues? These sorts of questions, I think, should be asked. Rohingya issue has huge negative impacts for Bangladesh and as well as in the region.

Facebook & YouTube – underutilized teaching platforms

Sir Frank Peters: The recent announcement of a proposed new television channel dedicated exclusively to education is no doubt awe-inspiring.

Cooperatives sector faces new challenge

Manzurul Alam Mukul: The 48th National Cooperatives Day is being observed in the country today (Saturday) under the auspices of the Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Ministry.

Country needs strong higher education system

Manzurul Alam Mukul: The government should mull over setting up more universities on PPP (public-private-partnership) basis across the country against the backdrop of limited seats at the public universities.

Plastic pollution is an Imminence for moms & babies

|| Farzana Khalil Rito ||

Plastics enter the human body through skin, ingestion, and breathing dust.

Corporal punishment is intolerably cruel and totally ineffective

Sir Frank Peters: Almost nine years ago corporal punishment to children in schools and madrasahs was outlawed in Bangladesh.

Indian restriction gives a boost to cattle rearing locally

Manzurul Alam Mukul: It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This proverb is reflected now in the dairy and cattle-fattening sector in Bangladesh.

Is it possible to revive Buriganga like Thames?

Manzurul Alam Mukul: The Thames is the beauty of London, a jewel in its crown. London’s financial district, information technology industry and many tourist spots such as the iconic London Eye, Sea Life Aquarium and O2 arena are built on the beautiful banks of the river.

High price of tobacco products can help reduce usages

By Md. Alim Al Razi: Smoking and the usages of other tobacco products undoubtedly pushes a country and nation towards terrible consequences. It harms the smokers as well as indirectly pushing many of the victims into health risk through indirect smokes.

Pahela Baishakh: Only Celebration?

Anarya Murshid: Inseparable Pahela Baishakh gradually coming back in the life of Bengali.

TIs discreetly disregarding Tobacco Control Law

By Md. Alim Al Razi: Tobacco Industries (TIs) are discreetly disregarding Tobacco Control Law, sometimes they are just overlooking, sometimes influence over the formulation of government policies and most of the time are lingering the formulation processes of the policies for their own interest.

Teacher sentenced to death for corporal punishment to pupil

Sir Frank Peters: A schoolteacher in Tanzania has been sentenced to death for causing the death of a school pupil through “malicious and zealous” use of corporal punishment.

We need to stop tobacco expansion

By Md. Alim Al Razi: Introduction: Bangladesh is going to be the third fastest growing economy in the world in terms of achieving high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019, according to a report of United Nations.

How I make a story of rape for a newspaper?

Everybody doesn’t get this chance. You can try to write down it. Yes I am going to try it.