Dhaka: 12:52 AM, Wed, 19 Feb, 2020

Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search

The head of one of the US's national observatories says the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe needs to be taken more seriously.

New Horizons spacecraft ‘alters theory of planet formation’

Scientists say they have "decisively" overturned the prevailing theory for how planets in our Solar System formed.

Elon Musk releases new EDM song on SoundCloud

Elon Musk's personal celebrity has catapulted his dance single into SoundCloud's top 10, prompting the Tesla and SpaceX chief executive to brag about his new side-hustle.

Report shares outstanding info of Uber users in Bangladesh

Uber today released "How Bangladesh Moved in 2019: A Year in Review," which reveals Bangladesh's most loved Uber service, most visited destinations - local and international, as well as preferred dates and time to use Uber in Bangladesh.

Landmark study to transform cancer treatment

More than a thousand scientists have built the most detailed picture of cancer ever in a landmark study.

Scientists race to develop Coronavirus vaccine

A deadly new virus. Thousands of people infected. No cure. No vaccine. We've been here many times before.

Bangladeshi born Omar Ishrak made Intel chairman

California-based Intel Corp. announced Tuesday that Bangladeshi-American businessman Omar Ishrak, chief executive of medical device giant Medtronic, has been elected as lead independent chairman of the chip manufacturer.

Space mission to reveal 'Truths' about climate change

The UK is going to lead a space mission to get an absolute measurement of the light reflected off Earth's surface.

‘ASOCIO Award’ handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

The ASOCIO ICT Education Award was handed over to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by the State Minister for ICT Division, Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP on Monday at cabinet meeting.

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancers'

A newly-discovered part of our immune system could be harnessed to treat all cancers, say scientists.

Pill to make exercise obsolete

An exercise pill could one day replace a workout after scientists discovered a protein that mimics a gym session.

Oldest material on Earth discovered

Scientists analysing a meteorite have discovered the oldest material known to exist on Earth.

Japanese billionaire seeks ‘life partner’ for Moon voyage

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is looking for a female "life partner" to accompany him on Space X's maiden tourist voyage to the Moon.

NHS to pioneer cholesterol-busting jab

A twice-a-year injection that reduces bad cholesterol to protect the heart is to be pioneered by the NHS in England.

Weather forecasts start using space laser data

Europe's novel wind-measuring satellite, Aeolus, has reached a key milestone in its mission.