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China bans travel during May Day holidays

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Publish on: 2020-04-28 8:12:29 PM     ||     Updated: 2020-04-28 8:12:29 PM

With the May Day holiday approaching, the local educational departments of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Henan, Anhui, Hunan and Hubei have asked students and teachers not to leave their own cities to travel during upcoming May Day holidays.

The decision was taken to curb the outbreak of the COVID-19 and ensure campus safety.

Some days ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also posted an announcement to remind people of the travel safety during the holidays, and suggest a certain group of people not to travel considering the epidemic situation.

Tourists should check in advance about their destinations in terms of safety. If it turns to be a medium or high risk area, then the travelling plan should be cancelled.

Travelers should pick hotels and restaurants with good hygiene and ventilation conditions, and keep windows open for ventilation after check-in or before dining. They should maintain social distance during the tour.

The authority ask the teachers and students to take precautions including use masks, disinfectants and other protective measures.

If anyone feel physical discomfort, especially fever, cough or any other respiratory symptoms, then they should go to the nearest hospital ASAP.

The elderly, chronic disease patients and other groups of people who are relatively vulnerable to the COVID-19 are not recommended to travel, especially for a long distance one.

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