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Google Assistant can now read web pages in 42 languages

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Published: 13:49, 5 March 2020   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Google Assistant can now read web pages in 42 languages

Google back at CES 2020 announced a feature for the Google Assistant that would read webpages out loud to the users.

Now, nearly two months later the company has started rolling out this feature to all the Android smartphone users across the globe.

Google Assistant’s newly launched feature, called Read Out Loud, essentially reads a webpage or a news story or a blog out loud as users would do themselves. All they need to do is say -- “Hey Google, read this page”. Alternatively, users can also say -- “Hey Google, read it”, to make the Google Assistant narrate a webpage’s contents to them.

However, this is not all that Google Assistant’s new feature can do. When users ask the Assistant to read a web page, it will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as they’re read aloud.

Users can alter Google Assistant’s reading speed. They can also choose the voice that they prefer. “The web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, aiming to use the same intonation and rhythm that you’d use if you were reading it aloud yourself,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Wait, there’s more. Users can also ask the Google Assistant to read webpages out loud in their native languages if the webpage that they are browsing is in a different language. The new feature supports a total of 42 languages. “You can use the translation menu to select the desired language, and all pages will be automatically translated and read out in that language,” Google added.

Now, here’s an important bit. Google has started rolling this feature on to Android smartphones. However, don’t panic if you are unable to use this feature immediately. You should be able to use it in the coming days._Agencies.