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Pahela Baishakh: Only Celebration?

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Published: 07:04, 13 April 2019   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020

Anarya Murshid: Inseparable Pahela Baishakh gradually coming back in the life of Bengali.

There are still huge crowds in the shopping malls. It is almost impossible to get in the shopping mall facing such crowd. The tiredness is not noticed in the people’s face. They are roaming markets from morning to mid night. Pahela Baishakh is comparable to all the enjoyable religious festival of Bengali. There are more similar Bengali festival in the life of Bengali.  ‘Sangrai’, ‘Baissuee’, ‘Baisabi’ are one of them.

It is clear that how much a communal this nation. What an Endeavour form the then British region to make this nation a divided community. In the name of religious communal country making Pakistan in vein. Attacking with a view to spoiling Bangla become Fruitless. Martial law went in vein to repress the agitated Bengali.

An independent country was born through a blood shedding battle. But the problem is that the communal power was firm. In the eleventh hour of 1872 there was a strong sound ‘Muslim Bangla’. At that time, we laughed at the demand, but after 1975 it became a great challenge to establish independent Bangla. The marshal rulers left no stone untouched to establish Muslim Bangla with the war criminals and dishonest politicians. They did not spoil time to make every kind of affidavit to make a religious country. The word secularism is existed; second autocrat passed the bill the name religious country.

Though at least democratic government came into power with ending of autocratic rain, but there was tradition of first autocrat. The fundamentalists were in search of chance. And the chance is created by the Indian fundamentalists. The riot which occurred centering Ram-temple and Babri- Masque, they wanted to do something notorious but in vein. But the situation deteriorates after the election of 2001 which formed government with the war criminals. The leaders of then government attacked the minority Hindus and aborigines. Those who left country for India after 1990 they joined in the communal parties like grassroots and BJP. But the people who left country after 1947 when the cub-continent was divides they joined with communist. Most of the leaders of West Bengal government are from the east Bengal. Even, till now the people of Bangladesh are friends of them irrespective of nation, religion and race. But those who left the country after 1990 they joined those parties only for taking revenge. They are by busy to divide the communal power of the two countries. India is a multinational country but there are many dutiful politicians. However, we are unfortunate enough that we don’t have much more dutiful politicians. Those who were dutiful, now they are willingly to retire. Due to blackness of democratic thinking there were blending of justice and injustice.

Very often we find in the newspaper from the different corner of country that the Hindu inhabitants are exterminated. Behind this extermination the leaders of the government are involved. Recently, such type of news of extermination have been seen. It is not only sorrowful but also a hypocrisy against the incumbent government. It is time to destroy this kind of heinous endeavor otherwise such incidents against minority will spread all over the country and will be a part of communal hypocrisy.  

It is impossible to divide this nation in the name religion because this country has the background of 21st February, Freedom Fighting and Pahela Baishakh. We should not only think about the commercial points and enjoyments but also we have to implement the consciousness of it.

This consciousness must implement politically, progressive politicians should come forward. Otherwise it will be confined only celebrating the day.

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