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SILSWA brings opportunities for DU admission seekers

Muhammad Sharif Altaf || risingbd.com

Published: 11:22, 3 December 2020  
SILSWA brings opportunities for DU admission seekers

Secondary and Intermediate Level Students’ Welfare Association- SILSWA is a Dhaka University-based non-profit welfare organization. It is working with a purpose to establish a proactive student community in the universities and colleges across the country by helping the students overcome any sorts of personal, social, financial, psychological and academic hindrances.

It’s started in 2017 with the slogan ‘Students For Students’. SILSWA has once again stood by the students with a new initiative, the online admission course where students are getting the highest preparation for the admission test, even at a nominal price.

Many people compare the university admission test with the battlefield. Maybe the comparison is not false. As there are many obstacles in the war, it is the same in the admission test. Here every seat is a wild goose, especially in a public university. You need to be admitted here with sharp talent, immense hard work and full of confidence. Otherwise, you have to fall in the middle, not reaching the destination.

Every year thousands of students come to Dhaka with the dream of winning the admission exam. The dream is to walk on the courtyard of a public university to receive higher education, to sit in the shade of a huge tree on a beautiful campus. But in most cases, it is not possible to find the guidelines needed to make this dream a reality.

SILSWA has stood by with the conviction of giving this guideline, has started an online admission course. They are going for the highest required guidelines, services and efforts for only Tk.300.

This course has unit based preparation opportunities. At the end of registration, the “SILSWA Admission Course” started its journey on 31st October with Units A, B, C and D, where the total number of students is near about 1600. The course consists of subject-based classes, lecture sheets for each class, model tests, solving classes. All these are being done by a group of dreamy selfless students. They are optimistic that their diligent hard work will help the admission candidates fulfil their dreams.

Asked about the SILSWA Admission Course, the current President of SILSWA, Mohammad Abdullah said, ‘Many potential students in Bangladesh lose their confidence because of not being able to do admission coaching due to various reasons including financial problems and cannot reach their desired goal.

‘One of the reasons for this initiative is that most of the people in our society believe that a student cannot get a chance in university without admission coaching (although the idea is not correct). We have received enough response from the students in our course. Now we hope we can do our best to help them fulfil their dreams.’

SILSWA has been working for the students since its inception. It is giving the necessary directions to the distracted students. Dream To DHAKA UNIVERSITY (Committed to Building up your Dream), through this Facebook group, more than 5 lakh students are getting admission related guidelines. Also in the past years, on the day of admission test, students have been helped to find exam halls, buildings, seats, etc.

Asked about the purpose of SILSWA and its future, the founder of SILSWA Rifat Hasan said, ‘Every student dreams of going to university after completing secondary and higher secondary education. But unfortunately, most of the students in Bangladesh cannot fulfil that dream due to lack of necessary direction. Students have to face various social barriers. The origin of SILSWA is centred on the removal of these obstacles. SILSWA not only shows the dreams to the students, but it also shows the way to fulfil the dreams. Inshallah, in the future, SILSWA will reach not only colleges but also every school in the country.’

We all wish for that beautiful Bangladesh where students will overcome social obstacles very easily. They will dare to dream, will fight for their dreams. Hopefully SILSWA will go one step further to meet this through the great initiative. SILSWA promises to fulfil our dream of building that beautiful Bangladesh with their utmost.


Muhammad Sharif Altaf is SILSWA’s Deputy Head of Editorials


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