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Dhaka     Tuesday   13 April 2021

Int’l students face visa expiration in Australia

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Published: 12:56, 23 February 2021   Update: 13:14, 23 February 2021
Int’l students face visa expiration in Australia

Concerns are growing within the Australian university sector over reliance on international students as there is yet no indication when borders may reopen.

Overseas students are becoming increasingly concerned about their 458 visas – which allows students who have graduated to work in Australia for up to five years and can also offer a path to residency, according to skynews report.

International student Madhur Bhalla told Sky News he has been stuck overseas for 11 months – and is one of a large cohort of students who returned home to India before the pandemic and have so far been unable to return.

“Our visas are expiring, and we have no … update about our visa status and we have no update about any reopening of the borders,” he said.
Bhalla said students applying for a temporary visa this year had a greater advantage than existing visa holders because their visa date begins only when they land in Australia.

One question that is arising in everyone’s mind is why there is discrimination between the new temporary visa holders and the existing ones,” he said.