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Dhaka     Sunday   19 September 2021

Poem: My Loneliness and Larmini Street

Shewly Akter || risingbd.com

Published: 13:42, 11 July 2021   Update: 14:49, 11 July 2021
Poem: My Loneliness and Larmini Street

My loneliness is all,
My loneliness is nice;
My loneliness is like- 
As a paradise!

When the rains fall into my eyes,
I be very happy and 
Feel pleasure’s so slice!
When the birds bind-
Melodious song;
My loneliness is right,
Others are to me wrong.

Thinking a lots too wonderful the sky,
Wishing be a bird, feel me so shy!
Touching the life and feelings of mind,
Seeing I the shine sun’s behind.

Closing the orb, and 
Rip up dense door;
Feeling of him so mirth, in the hearts core.
Walking rhythms and Larmini,
Onlookers of all these;
He’s my only the love 
And the peace!

Wearing him as like a ring,
My loneliness is nice-
As like the wing!                                                                          

Shewly Akter studies Social Work at Jagannath University