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Dhaka     Sunday   29 May 2022

COVID-19: When we get relief?

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Published: 09:39, 12 January 2022  
COVID-19: When we get relief?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 appeared as the worst possible global catastrophe since the last century’s World War 2. But unlike the scenario in the Great War, this devastation has not kept any mark of division among the nations. It appeared as a war of the entire mankind against an invisible common enemy – the coronavirus – which hit all the corners of the globe with an extreme wrath. The pandemic since its outbreak in December 2019 so far claimed lives of over five million people while the human race mobilized all its strength and resources to defeat the deadly virus.

Alongside devastated appearance of the lethal virus, it gives us great lesson for entire mankind. It taught us who our real dear ones are. It taught us patience. It taught us the feeling of losing someone. But it also taught me something. Something which I overlooked all along this time. The hard work of my father did behind me, for me. Today, I overheard my parents’ conversation. It isn't good but I couldn't kill the curiosity inside me.

"It's getting harder. I don't know how long I'll be able to fend for you guys!!" I heard dad saying in a desperate tone.
"Don't think like this. We are good. Lord will surely find us a way." I saw mom patting dad's shoulder. Her own eyes glistened with tears.

"I don't deserve to be a man. I'm a failure. A failed husband who can't fulfil his wife's wishes. A failed father who can't bring petty things for his children." Dad shedded tears for the first time. Maybe he did before but never in front of me. I don't know but I felt something wetting my cheeks seeing his tears.

"Who said so? You are the best husband and the best father. You are not a failure. You are a survivor. A survivor who has given off his oxygen for us. A survivor who goes out everyday in this dangerous situation only to make sure that we eat three times a day. You are a survivor who didn't stay back at home due to the fear of the current situation. You are a survivor that is keeping us alive in this pandemic."

Mom's words were firm and strong. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and brought a big smile on her face. She cupped dad's face and made him look at her.

"This time shall pass also. You need to be strong. For us, for our future and for yourself. You can't accept defeat. Go out. Fight with the situation. You will fall and stand up again. You will fall again and stand up again. But in the end you will win."

I ran towards my room and closed the door. I didn't have the courage to listen to them anymore. Was I so selfish that I could never see the pain in my dad's eyes? Was I so selfish that I never saw his hard work? I felt miserable as I never could see through my dad's fake smile. I thought I was the one going through depression but no it's not like that. I'm living far better off without any worries. Whereas my dad, he is carrying our responsibilities on his shoulder.

I sat down on my chair, grabbed my diary and wrote down everything. This pandemic surely harmed everyone, both physically and mentally. If it snatched away someone's life then it snatched away someone's only source of living. The poor are getting help. The riches are getting medication. What about the middle class families? They can't even say anything loud. Because they have self-respect. The respect that they earned in years. How could they just sell their self-respect and beg for a piece of bread?

They die inside, craving for some food. For not themselves but for their families. When will this pandemic go? When will I be able to see the big smile on my dad's face? When will I be able to see him getting things for me without even me asking? When will I see him sleeping without any worries? When!!!
Writer: Mariyam Sultana, Class: 10,  Viqarunnisa Noon School and College