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Voting to be held at day, not at night: EC

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Published: 18:53, 21 May 2022  
Voting to be held at day, not at night: EC

Election Commissioner (EC) Md Anisur Rahman has said that voting will be held in some union parishads of Madaripur on June 15. The polls will be held in fair, free and neutral manner. No influence can be exerted during the vote. We will keep a close watch so that no one can influence the election. The next general election will be held on day, not at night.

He made the statement while speaking at a view exchange meeting on the occasion of voter list updating activities-2022 at the conference room of Deputy Commissioner (DC) office in Madaripur on Saturday (May 21).

Anisur Rahman said, “The next general election will be participative and will be held in free, fair and neutral manner. We who are in the current commission will give people to exercise their franchise to vote. We will prevent all kinds of obstacle centering the vote.  If we cannot resist, we will not hold on, but leave.”

He said, “Many say a lot about Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). For this, we will bring 39 registered political parties in the country. EVMs will have to kept at election offices at upazila, district and regional offices so that people can see it and learn how to vote. Many say vote goes to other symbol instead of the symbol cast. The misunderstanding must be removed. There is no best EVMs across the world like ours.”

He said, “Every political party has IT experts. We will also show them our machine. We will leave it to them, show me what’s the defect? And no one knows which machine is going where. Our Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) has announced a 10-million reward for identifying any defect in EVM.”

For reporters, he said, “You will write the truth about election or commission. No one will resist you. Even if you write the truth, people believe, and many times even if you write lies, they believe too. I request you, please write the truth.”