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Dhaka     Wednesday   17 August 2022

Padma Bridge waits for opening, visitors flock

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Published: 11:53, 7 June 2022   Update: 12:23, 7 June 2022
Padma Bridge waits for opening, visitors flock

The much waited Padma Bridge is set to open and people from regions across the country are flocking to see the bridge.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to inaugurate the 6.15 km long Padma Bridge around 10.00 am on 25 June.

As the opening day draws closer, the crowds of visitors are getting noticed. Every day from morning till night thousands of visitors are arriving at various points along the riverbank to see the Padma Bridge.

A festive mood is being seen at the site, with visitors standing on trawlers and speedboats, taking pictures to preserve their first sighting of the bridge.

There are 415 electric lampposts on the bridge, and on June 4 those were given electricity connection.  On that day, some lampposts were lit up on a trial basis.

With the launch of this bridge, 19 districts of the country's southwestern region will directly be connected with the capital. This will save money and time in crossing the river, and it will also reduce the risk of life.

With the reduction in transportation time, industries, housing, trade and tourism in the southwestern region are expected to see a big boost.