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Take steps to stop child lifting at hospital

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Published: 14:26, 24 September 2016   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Take steps to stop child lifting at hospital

It is needless to say that children are the most valuable assets to the parents in the world. But it will be a matter of great concern if those adorable children are stolen even from hospital, a safe place for taking treatment.

Khadija Aktar, a three and a half-month old baby, was stolen from Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on Thursday. Mother of the baby said an unfamiliar woman developed a good relation with her three days ago. Later, that woman fled the hospital after taking the baby by following a trick on Thursday. It is not the first incident of baby lifting from the DMCH. Prior to this, a youth was caught red handed in 2012 while he was stealing a 4-year old kid. An unknown woman was seen to flee after stealing one of the twin baby boys when she approached them in a bid to stop their cries in 2014. Later, RAB detained the woman following CCTV footages of the hospital. The elite force was able to recover the baby alive. On March this year, on duty ansar members detained a woman while she was stealing a one and a half-year old baby.

Incidents of child lifting at different government and non-government hospitals and clinics across the country have taken place and are still happening. Basically, an organised group is involved in child lifting incidents. In most cases, it has been proved that officials and employees of the hospital are involved in the child lifting incidents. It is sad but true that this heinous crime is going on even after making the arrests of child lifters. It seems these brutal incidents will not be stopping. The child lifters are freed on bail sensing the presence of law and they get involved in the same crime again which can be the reason behind the rise of child lifting.

Incidents of child lifting are very sad and dreadful without doubt. Most of time those incidents take place in the hospital which is regarded as a safe place for children. These heinous crimes must be stopped at any cost. The government should take steps to stop child lifting. Strict law should be initiated in this regard if needed.

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