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Changes coming in primary school management policy

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Published: 21:04, 16 September 2020   Update: 21:29, 16 September 2020
Changes coming in primary school management policy

Changes are coming in the policy of primary school management committee. In this policy, there are new guidelines for increasing the allocation of funds for the annual development of school management as well as expenditure amid coronavirus situation.

In addition, instructions to purchase medical equipment for the school will be added in the policy.

According to sources of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the government will consider opening educational institutions only if coronavirus situation becomes somewhat normal. However, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has already prepared guidelines for complying with health guidelines for running schools. There are directions to be given before and after the opening of schools.

Various types of activities have been mentioned in health guidelines for running primary schools which includes buying a thermometer to measure the temperature, arranging water and having a separate toilet for female and male students.

Besides, necessary measures for seasonal health care of the students, making the classrooms and toilets including school premises hygienic and disinfected. To this end, it has been asked to buy a collection of cleaning materials including necessary disinfectants.

The health guideline states that the school must be cleaned and disinfected at least once in each shift. Every day the garbage of premises of educational institutions should be cleaned and the garbage containers should be disinfected. Teachers, students and cleaners have been asked to be trained to disinfect their hands with soap after each use of the toilet.


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