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HSC exams likely to be held in November, but ...

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Published: 20:41, 19 September 2020   Update: 13:13, 23 September 2020
HSC exams likely to be held in November, but ...

The HSC exams have been postponed for about six months from April 1 this year due to coronavirus pandemic.

Thought the government is thinking of various steps for holding the examination, but is not able to take a decision as the situation is not normal.

The examinations are likely to begin in the last week of November, officials said. However, considering the situation, they also think that time may be deferred.

According to the Inter-Education Board, board chairmen across the country will meet on September 24 (Thursday) to take a decision in this regard. The decision on the examination process may come from the meeting.

When asked, college inspector of the inter-education board Professor Harun-Or-Rashid said, “The examination is likely to begin in late November or the first week of December. However, the matter depends on final decision of the government.”

According to sources, the government has started thinking once again as the coronavirus situation seems a bit more normal than before. The boards have also made overall preparations for the examination.

The education boards say if the HSC exam is not taken, other public exams will also be delayed proportionally. Because university admission is also involved with this exam. The longer this exam goes on, university admissions will be delayed so. Session jam will also increase. So even if the educational institutions do not open, the HSC examinations will have to be completed within this year.

Inter-education board coordination sub-committee president Prof Ziaul Haque said, “There is overall preparation for arranging the examinations. Nothing can be said for sure now If the situation does not become normal. There is a lot of things involved with this. So you have to make a thoughtful decision. However, the examinations will not be held immediately just after opening educational institutions. Students must be given at least 15 days for preparations.


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