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Implementation of short syllabus in secondary to start Nov 1

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Published: 20:13, 26 October 2020  
Implementation of short syllabus in secondary to start Nov 1

The implementation of the short syllabus prepared for students of class-6 to class-9 will start on November 1. It will be completed within 30 working days. Students have to collect and submit the assignment every week.

Students who got transferred due to coronavirus pandemic will be able to collect and submit assignments from the nearest educational institution. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) will inform the content of assignments in due course.

Instructions in this regard signed by Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) Professor Syed Md Golam Faruk were issued on Monday (October 26).

The instructions have been published on the website of the directorate.

According to the directives, direct teaching activities in educational institutions are closed to prevent coronavirus infection. However, lessons are being conducted through the programme ‘Amar Ghare Amar School’ aired on Sangsad Television and online teaching and other activities are being conducted at the school level under the management of the institution.

In addition, teachers continue to teach via mobile phones. Arrangements are being made to evaluate how much the students have learned through such activities. However, this evaluation should not put mental and physical pressure on them.

Eight guidelines have been given considering the overall aspects so that teachers and students can get an idea about the progress and weaknesses of their lessons. 

The guidelines are:

1.    The 30-working day syllabus has to be followed for secondary level prescribed by NCTB. The syllabus will be published on the website www.dshe.gov.bd in due course.
2.    NCTB with the help of experts in the relevant subject has determined content for assignment (assigned work) from the prescribed syllabus. Assignments prepared according to the content will be sent to the heads of all the educational institutions at the secondary level every week.
3.    In case of giving and submitting assignment, the head of the institution will determine the programme based on class. The head of the institution and the students will give and take assignments under their own management online.
4.    The educational institution will not be able to undertake any other activities related to assessment (examination, homework etc.) other than assignment.
5.    Through assignment evaluation, teachers will identify students’ weaknesses and take appropriate action in the next academic year with a special focus on them. The heads of the institutions will make arrangements to save the assignments including evaluation of the teachers.
6.    Students who got transferred due to coronavirus situation will be able to collect and submit assignments from the nearest educational institution. In that case guardians and the student will take necessary step by contacting the headmaster of the nearest educational institution.
7.    This activity will start on November 1.
8.    All Regional Deputy Directors, District Education Officers and Upazila Secondary Education Officers will coordinate the implementation of these guidelines.


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