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Dhaka     Tuesday   03 August 2021

Recruitment will be on merit basis, hopes NTRCA

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Published: 22:08, 23 June 2021  
Recruitment will be on merit basis, hopes NTRCA

There has been a delay in the recruitment of 54,000 teachers in non-government educational institutions. The Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has filed appeal to the Supreme Court seeking a stay on the High Court’s order to appoint 2,500 teachers. The Chamber Court has fixed June 27 for the hearing of the appeal. The hearing will be held in the full bench of the Appellate Division on the day.

That’s why, NTRCA cannot recommend the appointment for 54,000 posts according to 3rd public circular.

When asked about the latest status of the results of the recommendation, said NTRCA Secretary ATM Mahbub-ul Karim said, “The lawyers of the petitioners said that 2,500 teachers should be recruited from humanitarian ground. It is not the wish of any uncle’s house that someone will be appointed if he wants. It’s a place of talent. Here, those who will be ahead by merit, will be appointed as teachers.”

He said, “Earlier in case of the 2nd public circular, we appointed on the basis of 100% merit. Now, after completing one’s studies, after a long time, at the age of 40-50, if one files a writ with 40-45 marks, why should he be given a job? The issue clashes with merit. We want talented teachers. Now if we appoint these protesters, it will be a farce with the meritorious. Now the matter has gone to the full bench of the Appellate Division. Our lawyers must speak more strongly there to the point. Hopefully, the court will comply with our demands and give us the opportunity to recruit genuine meritorious people.”

Referring to job seekers, he said, “We understand their plight. But now those who have created this situation, the recruitment candidates are also having to suffer.”