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8,000 educational institutions closed

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Published: 16:44, 21 May 2023   Update: 17:58, 21 May 2023
8,000 educational institutions closed

Within the span of one year, over 14 lakh students decreased at the primary schools. And over 8,000 educational institutions decreased at the primary level.

Annual Primary School Census (APSC) 2022 statistics revealed the information, said Farid Ahmed, secretary to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

Farid Ahmed said, this is actually a picture of Coronavirus times. There were no students at kindergarten types schools at that time. These educational institutions were run in rented houses.

We got two years of stipend together. The 'Mid-Day Meal' program has been launched. Due to the closure, many primary students moved to Qawmi Madrasa. Some of them are returning from there now, he added.

According to the Department of Primary Education, there are 65,566 government primary schools in the country. Apart from this there are many other educational institutions at the primary level. As per primary school census-2021, there were around 1 lakh 18 thousand primary level educational institutions. In the 2022 census, this number has come down below 110,000, which means there are no more 8,000 educational institutions.