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Dhaka     Sunday   28 November 2021

‘I feel satisfied with doing social work’

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Published: 14:51, 27 October 2021  
‘I feel satisfied with doing social work’

Alongside studying at a young age, Noureen Afrose is very much interested in social activities. So, whenever she has time, she takes part in various social activities.  Not only that, she likes to work with helpless and street children.

She loves to create vlogs about social works. In those vlogs, she tries to give a social message.

Apart from this, another identity of her is that she is a fashion designer.  At just twenty, she founded the online fashion brand House of ‘Arts of PiYa’, where she designs clothing.  Beyond this is another of her inventions, through various organic products from home and abroad, she makes hair oils and hair packs, which help to reduce and stop hair fall. She is getting good response in a short time from both his initiatives.

She dreams of establishing herself as a successful fashion designer or woman entrepreneur.  Noureen Afrose said, “I came at the end of 2018 and decided to become an entrepreneur and start a business.  I am a very self-reliant girl because of which I wanted to create a different identity of my own without any support from the family.  For this reason, I have had to work hard to manage my studies and do something productive, and I am still doing it.”

She added that it is really difficult to do so many things in student life.  Still doing.  I do the design of the clothes myself, I also do the work of making the hair oil.

“I believe people are as big as their dreams,” she said, referring to future plans. If the intention is honest, God will show him the way to success. I have many dreams about business. Like my dreams, the scope of my work will be much bigger. I want to establish myself as a successful designer. I want to open a showroom for my fashion house in the future, so that it has outlets all over the country.

Alongside participating in various social activities and doing something for them, I think I will get a satisfaction.