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Dhaka     Tuesday   11 May 2021

India turns into new hotspot of coronavirus

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Published: 22:30, 17 April 2021  
India turns into new hotspot of coronavirus

India has turned into new hotspot for coronavirus infection. The number of daily infections in the country now exceeds 2 lakh which is about three times higher than the daily infection in the United States (US).

In the last 24 hours, 2,34,000 new case have been detected in the country, according to the Indian Ministry of Health. 1,341 people died of the deadly virus on the same day. The total number of victims has already exceeded 1.45 crore. The death toll has exceeded 1.75 lakh.

The election campaign has been going on in West Bengal since last month through violation of coronavirus restrictions. The Kumbh Mela started at Haridwar this month. Between April 12 and April 14, about 48,51,000 devotees are taking bath. At that time most of them were not seen to maintain health guidelines. In the area adjacent to Haridwar, 1,700 people were infected with coronavirus between April 10 and 14. It is feared that the infection could spread to other parts of India on a large scale.

More than 2 million people are feared to be affected by coronavirus this month, NDTV Online reported on Saturday (April 17).