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Indian variant about 60% more contagious

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Published: 19:24, 11 June 2021  
Indian variant about 60% more contagious

The new Delta variant (Indian variant) of the coronavirus is 60 percent more contagious at home or in the indoor environment. British government revealed the matter on Friday (June 11).

The delta variant was identified first in India. It was later detected in the UK. Because of this variant, the infection rate in the country is now on the rise. Although the UK is set to be lifted restrictions issued over the coronavirus on June 21, new questions have arisen as the rate of infection has risen.

A new study from Public Health England has found that the Delta variant is 60 percent more risky at home than the alpha variant identified in the south of England.

Earlier, Public Health England reported that the Delta variant was 40 per cent more contagious than the Kent variant.

The first Kent variant was identified in the UK in January. A three-month lockdown was later announced as the infection rate increased.

Some 7,393 people were newly detected to get infected with the coronavirus in the UK on Thursday. This level of infection has not occurred since last February. Delta variant infections were detected in 90 percent of the patients.