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Nupur Sharma should apologize to nation: Indian Supreme Court

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Published: 15:31, 1 July 2022   Update: 15:36, 1 July 2022
Nupur Sharma should apologize to nation: Indian Supreme Court

Nupur Sharma

The Indian Supreme Court on Friday blamed suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma for igniting tension with her comments on Prophet Muhammad and said she should "apologise to the whole country".

While refusing the plea of Nupur Sharma seeking the transfer of all the FIRs registered against her in many states to Delhi for investigation, the SC said that she has "threatened the security of the nation". "This statement by Nupur Sharma is responsible for the unfortunate killing in Udaipur," Justice Pardiwala said.

"Nupur Sharma is single-handedly responsible for what has happened across the country," Justice Surya Kant said. The SC said that her remarks against the Prophet were made either for "cheap publicity, a political agenda or for some nefarious activities".

Nupur Sharma's Advocate Maninder Singh said that she apologised for her remarks and withdrew the comments. To this, the SC bench replied that "she should have gone to the TV and apologised to the nation. She was too late to withdraw. These are not religious people at all, they make statements to provoke."

Towards the end of May, Nupur Sharma, then a spokesperson for the ruling BJP, had made a comment on Prophet Muhammad during a TV debate, sparking a massive outrage globally. As the clip from the debate went viral, at least 14 nations, including Qatar, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, slammed India over the comments.

The BJP, in an attempt to control the damage, suspended Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal from the party. Jindal had said that he had tweeted asking those attacking and insulting Hindu deities and it was not aimed at hurting any religious sentiments.

Source: India Today, NDTV