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Russia building army base in Mariupol

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Published: 10:33, 4 December 2022  
Russia building army base in Mariupol

Russia is building a large army base in the captured port city of Mariupol in east Ukraine, satellite photos released by the American company Maxar Technologies revealed.

The photo appeared to show the U-shaped compound near the centre of the city, with the roof pained in the red, white and blue star of the Russian army.

A Russian Army slogan can also be seen on the roof with the message, "From Russian army for Mariupol citizens".

Maxar in a tweet claimed that the building appeared to be a military facility, which is being used as weapons storage.

"In Mariupol, a Russian military compound has been recently built in the north-center of the city. Notice the Russian Army slogan on the top of the roof (sic),” the space technology company tweeted.

"The main city cemetery (Starokrymske) on the western side of Mariupol has had a significant expansion of the number of graves."

According to Maxar photos, the city’s main cemetery has also been expanded.

On March 18, a theatre was destroyed in the city by Russian missile strikes, and it is believed that hundreds of people died there. Now, a large screen has been built around it.  

Russia took control of Mariupol after months of bitter fighting. Ukraine estimates that around 25,000 civilians were killed during this period. However, the UN confirmed only 1,300 deaths but added that the actual toll could be in the thousands.

The satellite images further suggest that Moscow has demolished many of the residential buildings that were left beyond repair.

According to Ukraine, around 90 per cent of the city's infrastructure was decimated by the Russian strikes.

Mariupol is strategically important for Russia, forming part of its “land bridge” linking Russia to annexed Crimea.

(With inputs from agencies)