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My Views on The Enchanting Forests of Gazi A. H. Baqui’s Rubaiyat

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Published: 22:23, 4 May 2024   Update: 22:27, 4 May 2024
My Views on The Enchanting Forests of Gazi A. H. Baqui’s Rubaiyat

Wonderful effort, the Rubaiyat-i-Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui! I am very glad to write a few words on the book titled above. Prof. Baqui as far as I have learnt has served different colleges and universities, teaching English for approximately fifty years. 

Additionally, his other passion lies in composing poetry, both in English and Bangla, with over two thousand poems in Bangla Rubaiyat form alone. By engaging with Baqui’s writing on various literary forms, particularly translations of his Rubaiyat, I have discovered that he is not only a translator and researcher but also a distinguished poet. I adore the depth with which poet Baqui has explored the themes of both human and divine love, grief, longing, and self-discovery in his Rubaiyat. 

He has also discovered the complexity of the human experience while pondering over the human existence and their short stay on this mutable earth. 

Poet Baqui sets out on a quest for certain purpose and connection while accepting their shortcomings and vulnerabilities. These ideas can provide an insightful look at the human condition and encourage readers to reflect on their goals, obstacles, and journeys toward self-awareness. Baqui’s four-lined stanza poems express profound feelings, emotion and variegated thoughts employing a range of wonderful literary techniques. What is most important about Baqui’s Rubaiyat is that he, like the Iranian Rubai composers, has tried his heart and soul to nurture a profound spiritual yearning, expressing its outcome through a wide range of topics. Thus, he emerges as a mystic.

Given this, I want to say that Baqui’s Rubaiyat and other writings will outlast and notably his Rubaiyat will disseminate eternal messages among the people in society. It is not an exaggeration to say that his each Rubai will be emitting a kind of light persistently to enlighten the hearts and minds of those who mostly need it. To epitomize, as poet Baqui’s Rubaiyat are poignant examinations of love, grief, and the pursuit of purpose, they are replete with highly wrought figures of speech including metaphorical excellences as well as artistic value. 

Dr. Mandana Kolahdouz Mohammadi, Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages Payam-e Noor University (PNU) East Azerbaijan, Iran