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Sales representatives should follow the 27 tips

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Published: 13:07, 1 June 2020   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Sales representatives should follow the 27 tips

Sales is a such a profession, that we must go outside. A salesman cannot avoid meeting people. They deal with customers so they must meet people.

Technology cannot replace the sales talents and sales creativity. But we need to remember health is the most important, this is the only body we live, and this is our soul house, we need to take care of our health.

Here are some tips, hope this will help you all - for become safer during this covid-19 outbreak.

1.    Office need to put the hygiene booth: As all the office is opening now, I think all office in their entry gate can put a hygiene booth. it will help to reduce the infection threat.

2.    Temperature management of all employee: When employee is getting into the office, measure the temptation before they get into the office. If anyone is high temperature, please allow them to go for off duty for couple of days.

3.    Doorway hygiene and cleaning the shoes: All the employee can walk through sanitizer wet clothes or carpet before entering office. it will reduce the possibility virus coming to office.

4.    When check-in-office, do it one by one: When employees get into the office, should get in one by one and keep the distancing. Before checking-in the figure scanning, must sanitizes the hand.

5.    Maintain the minimum distance with other people: Office sitting arrangement can be also little flexible, make distance to sit and while do meeting also make a proper distancing. Salespeople when to go market and inside the shop, please do the marking and maintain a safe distance.

6.    Use quality mask along with face shield: Mask is a must item for the salespeople. Please do use Mask all the time and try to avoid touching the surface of the mask. Try to always use face shield and especially when you are with customer, face shield is a must. This is most important. Please try to use face shield.

7.    One mask one time is batter, if not, possible wash it properly: Now a day’s mask price is high, One day one mask may be expansive, so try to wash and reuse the mask, but careful that before it is reuse, wash and dry it properly.

8.    Cover your eyes with proper glass: Eye is another way to virus infection, please try to use some glass which cover all the eye and the side of eye properly. Please use this one to protect your eye from infections.

9.    Keep a pocket hand sanitizer: Please keep one pocket hand sanitizer always with you and try frequently.

10.    Try to avoid outside food and Tea: Sales employee most of the time use outside food during lunch and they frequently take outside tea, please try to avoid this until the situation become normal and the vaccine come out. We must be double aware for next couple of months.

11.    Drink a lot of water and try to keep it with you: Try to bring water from home and drink a lot of water. Sales people normally take water outside, please try to keep water with you and dink as much as possible. In this hot seasons it will keep you healthy.

12.    Be incredibly careful of handling mobile phone and money: Mobile phone and money is each tool is a particularly good way to become contaminate. Put mobile inside the polyethene cover and try to use speaker when you talk.   Before getting into home keep in a different way polybag to keep money and keep it outside in veranda or some open place inside home. For mobile please use wet tissue, or some sanitizing for the mobile phone surface purification. Please remember when you purify the phone exterior do not damage it with water or thigs.

13.    Use wireless headphone:  when you are outside, about mobile phone using, please do not use the wired headphone, please use wireless headphone, it will be much better and secure.

14.    If Possible, try to avoid public transport and public gathering: Maybe it is not always possible, but try your best to avoid the public gathering and public transportation. Try to use more personalized transport, and it will be beret solution for all of us.

15.    Avoided unnecessary meetings: Sometimes, we can avoid unnecessary meeting and more use of technology, like video calling and others. Salespeople have the habit of meeting people without any solid reason only to build repo. Please to keep yourself aware for few months and avoid the unnecessary meetings.

16.    Keep your meeting short and effective: When you are meeting people. Please keep your meeting short and effective, make plan first and go for it, if you make a proper plan for the meeting early, it will take less time to finish the meeting. About the retail shop - sales people please make proper distance and try to close the sales session quick and in effective way.

17.    Stop using jewelry this day:  Finger Ring, watch any kind of jewelry try to avoid for some days. for some people it is related to believe and difficult to avoid, it will be better for stop using jewelry for couple of months.

18.    Try to avoid public washroom: Be careful and take extra precautions when you use the public toilet. If possible, try to avoid public washroom for few months. If it is a must please try to become double careful.

19.    Just after remove mask – do not touch face: When use mask for long time, just after remove the mask often touch the face, please do not touch the face without cleaning hands. This habit is difficult to develop, but we all must try our level best to develop the habit of do not touch face.

20.    Try to bring home made food and avoid sharing food: Salespeople normally take food outside, try to stop this for few months until the vaccine come out, eat home made food. For next few months forget the sales professional brotherhood and do not share foods (specifically smoking – try to stop it) between each other. Sharing is no more caring. After covid-19, it will be OK again.

21.    Try to avoid lather shoe and lather bag: Use washable bag (cloth made, or plastic made bag) and Plastic made shoes. This can be wash easily and good for health. Forget about the fashion for few months.

22.    If possible, use cap: When you are in shop or outside, try to cover the head and try to use cap.

23.    Work on your immune system: Please do not eat fast food anymore, it is testy but not good for health, try to get proper diet and exercise to boost-up the immune system.

24.    If feel sick, do not go outside and communicate doctor immediately, do not wait a single day: health is everything, sale people sometime overconfidence, if it is anything related to health, please don’t gamble or take chance, once you feel unwell, immediately take doctors suggestions and take care as per doctors suggestions.

25.    When you use your car: Sometime you may be careful, but difficult to control your driver life, so try to be aware him as well, don’t use AC in the car, let the air flow in when you are in the car.

26.    If not using gloves, wash your hands frequently or use sanitizer: If you are not comfortable with gloves, try to wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer often.

27.    If possible, avoid siting in unknown chair or stand pressing against wall or anything: When go to market and outside office, if not necessary, try to stand in safe distance and finish the conversation without sitting. This will really help to become safer.

Staying safe and become more productive for the organization, all of our sales people need to think more and find ways from his situation, no one is going to teach you or tell you, we sales people, we need to think how we can become safer and become more productive in this difficult time.

Hope everyone will stay safe, healthy, and productive. Wish you all – all the supreme best.

Note: I am a salesman not a doctor. I am writing this as it may help some people to understand about their personal safety, if you don’t feel okay with this tips then please do not follow. This is all from personal experience and thoughts of a salesman.

(Writer – Anower Sadath Kabir, Sales Advisor, vivo mobile phone, Bangladesh.)



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