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Dhaka     Monday   17 May 2021

Office goers face troubles

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Published: 12:09, 5 April 2021   Update: 12:29, 5 April 2021
Office goers face troubles

Photo: Towhid Mizan

Imposing restrictions on the movement of people, public transport and other activities, the government has enforced a weeklong countrywide lockdown today in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In the first day of lockdown, office goers and other professionals were seen to suffer a lot as they had to wait in long queue for buses to carry them to their respective workplaces.

Garment worker Achia Khatun, who lives in Mirpur Eastern Housing, has to attend her workplace at Mirpur 1. She has faced troubles while going to her workplace. “All vehicles except buses are operating in the streets amid lockdown. I am going to my office facing hardship. It took additional costs to reach my destination,” said Achia.

Manzurul Alam, a private job holder, has to attend his office from capital’s Malibagh area to Mirpur Mazar Road. He encountered sufferings in the first day of lockdown.

“I cannot understand how type of lockdown it is? It is one kind of mockery with ordinary people. Offices, courts and private organizations all are open but public transports and markets are closed,” Manzurul said.

“I have attended my office walking on foot, riding on rickshaw and CNG-run auto-rickshaw. I have to spend additional money compared to the usual fare,” he added.