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Dhaka     Tuesday   18 May 2021

Govt issues 10-point directives to say prayer in mosques 

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Published: 17:21, 5 April 2021   Update: 17:48, 5 April 2021
Govt issues 10-point directives to say prayer in mosques 

Ministry of Religion has urged all to maintain 10-point directives during prayers in mosques.

The ministry issued a notification in this regard on Monday (April 5).

Sehri or Iftar party arrangement will not be allowed in mosques to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. However, there was no specific statement regarding the entry restrictions of general pilgrims to say Taraweeh Prayer in mosques.

If anyone violates the directions, then local administration and law enforcers will take legal action, the notification said.

1. Soap-water or hand sanitizer or hand washing system should be kept at the entrance of the mosque and pilgrims have to wear masks while entering mosque.

2. Everyone has to perform ablution, sunnah prayers at their home before coming to mosque.

3. No carpet is allowed in mosques. Before saying prayers, the mosque must be cleaned spraying disinfectant. Pilgrims have to carry their own Jainamaz in mosque.

4. Social distancing should be ensured while making line to say prayer.

5. Children, the elderly, sick persons and those who engaged in the service of the sick, will refrain from taking part in congregation.

6. Jainamaz and caps kept at the mosques cannot be used.

7. Department of Health Services, local admin and law enforcers have to work actively to ensure public safety.

8. No Iftar and Sehri is allowed in mosques.

9. After saying prayers, Khatibs and Imams will pray to the Allah to get rid of the pandemic.

10. The Khatib, Imams and Mosque Management Committee will ensure these instructions of the government.