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Dhaka     Tuesday   18 May 2021

Where coronavirus spreads fast

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Published: 18:21, 10 April 2021  
Where coronavirus spreads fast

Coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise. According to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), 61 percent of coronavirus infection spreads in the market and public transports while 30 in meetings, seminars and places of worship.

The IEDCR revealed information in a report after reviewing the data of 8,500 coronavirus infected patients.

A review of Coronavirus patients’ data showed that 61 percent of them were affected by going to the market and using public transports, and 30 percent were affected by attending meetings, seminars and places of worship. 26 percent of the people who went to the different health care centers got infected while 22 percent of the people who came in contact with coronavirus infected patients. In addition, 13 percent got infected by traveling inter-division while 12 percent after participating social events.

After analysing the overall situation, the IEDCR said that there is no alternative except following the health guidelines including wearing mask to prevent infection. In addition, the vaccine must be taken. Hygiene rules must be ensured in public transports strictly. If there is a market in a closed place, the public gathering must be restricted there.