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Dhaka     Wednesday   29 September 2021

Madrasa occupied by Mamunul Haque freed after 22 yrs

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Published: 16:24, 19 July 2021   Update: 17:10, 19 July 2021

Jamia Rahmania Arabia, a madrasa occupied by Mulana Mamunul Haque, of Mohammadpur in the capital has been freed after 22 years.

The madrasa on Monday (July 19) was handed over to its real owners in compliance with the court order.

Abdul Awal, executive magistrate of Dhaka District Administration, said this in an urgent press briefing on the madrasa premises on Monday afternoon.

Earlier, around 11:00 am, Dhaka district administration went to the madrasa make the it free from illegal occupation.

Officials of the district administration entered the madrasa with police around 12:00 pm. Additional police were deployed on the madrasa campus to avoid any unwanted incident.

Executive magistrate Abdul Awal said, “The madrasa in front of we are standing is a mosque and waqf estate. This waqf estate had various issues before. Various cases were pending in the court. Due to the ongoing case, one side was in possession of it.”

He further said, “This month, we have been instructed by the district administration through the waqf administration to evict those are illegal occupants here and hand over the possession to the elected legitimate committee of the madrasa. In that context, I have come here on behalf of the district administration.”

“We are people from different government agencies here. In addition, law enforcement personnel are also present here. We have explained the responsibilities of the new committee formed from the Waqf Estate in their cooperation,” he said.

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