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Dhaka     Friday   30 September 2022

Prices of essential commodities increase

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Published: 14:43, 9 August 2022   Update: 15:26, 9 August 2022
Prices of essential commodities increase

The prices of essential commodities have gone up in the capital’s kitchen markets following the fuel oil price hike.

Prices of all vegetables have increased from Tk 15 to Tk 20 per kg in last three days. Apart from vegetables, prices of fish, chicken and eggs have increased.

Wholesalers and retailers in the capital’s Karwanbazar said prices of all vegetables have increased due to fuel price hike. There is enough supply of vegetables in the market but we are forced to hike prices due to additional transportation costs.

Aminul Haq, a trader at Hatirpool market, said bean supply has increased in the market but its price has increased from Tk 60-80 per kg. Not only price of bean but also prices of other vegetables have increased.   Per kg carrot was being sold from Tk 120-130 but it is now being sold from Tk 140-150. Tomato price was Tk 80-100 but its price is now Tk 120-130.

During visit to New Market area, it was seen that broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 170-175 per kg but its price was Tk 160 per kg.

Retail price of diesel at consumer level has been fixed at Taka 114 per liter, kerosine at Taka 114 per liter, octane at Taka 135 per liter while petrol at Taka 130 per liter.