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Dhaka     Tuesday   18 May 2021

BNP knows nothing over where Khaleda to be given treatment

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Published: 16:17, 11 April 2021  
BNP knows nothing over where Khaleda to be given treatment

Though Health Ministry said that BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has been contracted with the coronavirus, nobody of the party knows nothing over the matter.

However, a source of the party claiming anonymity confirmed that Khaleda Zia has tested positive for the coronavirus.

If she is positive of the deadly virus, she has age and other physical complications. When asked about treatment of knee pain, diabetes and other physical problems, BNP’s Health Secretary Dr Rafiqul Islam said that he does not know about the chief’s coronavirus positive. Dr. Mamun goes for regular checkups. He will be able to talk about the physical condition of the leader.

If she is positive for the coronavirus, where she will be given the treatment- at home or in the hospital?

In reply, Rafiqul Islam said, “As I do not know whether she is positive. So, it would not be right to comment on this.”

He further said, “Not all patients need to be admitted to the hospital. Patients who have difficulty breathing, are in poor physical condition, have low oxygen levels, need oxygen support, need to be hospitalised. Others are advised to seek treatment staying in isolation at home.”

When contacted, Dr Mamun said, “I went to Khaleda Zia’s house for regular checkup yesterday (April 10). I do not know about her coronavirus positive. I will go to the house this afternoon again. Then, the matter will be known.”