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ISPAB threatens to suspend broadband internet

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Published: 12:25, 4 July 2020   Update: 19:44, 26 July 2020
ISPAB threatens to suspend broadband internet

Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) has threatened to suspend broadband internet across the country unless if VAT complication is not resolved.

ISPAB President Aminul Hakim made the threat in a virtual press briefing on Saturday.

He said, ‘If the VAT complication is not resolved, we have planned to suspend the internet service across the country to a limited scale. The internet will be shut down for two to one hours at a convenient time. When this program will be taken will be finalised with leaders of the organisation. We will enforce the program, If the demand is not met by July.’

Aminul Hakim further said, ‘If the demand is not met, this suspension programme will continue step by step like- every month or every week.’

He said, ‘At present, more than 8 million homes have wired internet connection and nearly 35 million subscribers use broadband internet across the country.’

‘We think, due to long standing complications with 5% VAT on internet and 15% VAT on other value chain sectors (ITC, IIG, NTTN) can cause disruption of internet service,’ he added.

He said, ‘ISP organisations collect 5 percent VAT from internet clients while 15% VAT is collected from other sectors of the value chain ISP. As a result, even though 5 percent VAT is collected from clients, ITC, IIG, NTTN have to pay 15 percent VAT. ISPs have to pay about 35 percent VAT in total.



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