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Country must save from deadly clutch of drugs

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Publish on: 2018-01-09 7:50:22 PM     ||     Updated: 2018-01-09 7:50:22 PM

Drugs have now spread across the country extensively. This agent of human devastation has spread its tentacles to every nook and corner. Lakhs of people in the country, especially the youth generation, are going astray due to the dreadful clutch of these drugs. Not only the youths but also the teenagers are becoming drug addicted.

In recent times, various types of drugs including yaba pills are entering the country from the neighbouring country Myanmar through the road and river routes. These drugs are destroying our youths and youth generation by spreading to every nook and corner of our society. Fresh lives are dropping out due to the poisonous clutch of the drugs.

Earlier, marijuana was basically known as drugs. Now many new names have been added to this. Among them, yaba is the most dreadful drug. It causes serious physical harm. According to the experts, human being starts losing its traits as he or she takes this agent of human devastation for long time. Moreover, the people addicted to this get involved in many abominable crimes. Meanwhile, this agent of human devastation is now available in rural areas. Many experts are gravely concerned about the early spread of this drug to the rural areas. Today the entire nation along with the guardians is in dire concern to protect the children from this dreadful situation.

Generally, any product reaches out to people hastily when it becomes available. At present, this agent of human devastation is becoming available very quickly. A good number of drugs are entering the country through different borders in various ways. Different types of drugs such as heroin, opium, cannabis, pethidine, marijuana and other psychotropic substances are sold every day at different points of the country. Among them, yaba has become very available. This yaba is smuggled into the country from Myanmar. We are not being able to prevent the smuggling of the drags for which it has quickly spread across the country including the capital Dhaka. As a result, the general people are suffering the most. Experts say yaba is more harmful than heroin. It is one kind of psychotropic substance. Due to the taking of yaba, the vitality of life reduces although it increases physical stimulation temporarily.

To keep the society, country and nation free from this agent of human devastation, it is urgently needed to stop the spread of the drugs. For a drug-free society, it is needed to make sure that the availability of the drugs is under control. The encroaching of the drugs must be stopped at any cost. Steps should be taken so that drugs cannot be produced in the country. It is a matter of regret that drug traders and their consignment of drugs are sometimes caught red handed but the main culprits remained out of touch. On the other hand, those who are detained for their alleged involvement in the drug trade are released on bail and they get involved in the illegal trade again. There is an allegation that many influential figures of the society are involved in this illegal trade and that's why law enforcers have nothing to do in this regard. This situation needs to be changed. The country must save from the dreadful clasp of the drugs. Legal action should be taken against the drug syndicates how powerful they are.

The effective way to prevent drug addiction is to raise social awareness among people against drugs and drug addiction. The authorities concerned should stop the encroaching of the drugs completely and arrest those involved in this illegal trade and then ensure exemplary punishment for them. Besides, there should be given a learning regarding the negative effects of drug addiction in schools and colleges. At the same time, it should be our concern that how the drug addicted people can be given treatment. Family can play a vital role in this regard. It is high time to adopt effective steps to build a drug-free country.

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