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Dhaka     Sunday   11 April 2021

Ensure road safety

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Published: 13:47, 11 June 2019   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Ensure road safety

A total of 66 people have been killed and over 300 people received injuries in road accidents across the country during Eid-ul-fitr vacation.

The rate of death toll in road accidents is higher than last year. However, the number of accidents is fewer this year. According to media reports, a total of 49 people were killed in last year Eid vacation and number is 66 this year. Road, Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said comparably less accidents have taken place this time than last year but the number of death is more. Basically, easy-bike, CNG-run-auto rickshaws are responsible for these incidents.

But, National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR), a non-government organization, reported that 142 people were killed in accidents across the country from on Thursday May 30 to June 9. According to that report, the Eid rush was started from May 30 following weekly holiday and Shab-e-Kadar leave. Accidents claimed 142 lives in just 11 days. Of them, 26 people were killed and 78 injured on Eid day in 16 accidents.

It was expected that Eid journey will be hassle free this time as the communication system were made improved. But, that did not happen following the increased death toll in accidents. Although, various kinds of steps have been taken but the causality is increasing. Experts opined that reckless driving and faulty vehicles are main reasons behind accidents. A question would be raised – how these vehicles get scope to ply on roads?

There is allegation that the faulty vehicles ply on roads again after action as most of those transports have no necessary papers. The number of such vehicles increase during Eid journey. There is also allegation that illegal license holders drove those vehicles. The authority should check the issue also.

Another reason behind road accidents is -slow-run Leguna (human hauler). The authority issued a ban on the plying of the human hauler, locally known as Leguna. But, the ban is being avoided. Random movement of these vehicles is seen on highway.

A strict action is needed in this regard. Otherwise, it’s not possible to manage this kind of indiscipline on roads. Proper steps should be taken after finding reasons behind accidents. We hope that immediate measures will be taken to solve these problems and the travel on roads will be safe.

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