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Peace and prosperity should bestow upon all

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Published: 08:59, 5 June 2019   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Peace and prosperity should bestow upon all

The holy Eid-ul-fitr has come again after the end of monthly long fasting. Eid is the biggest religious festival of Muslim Ummah. The whole Muslim world wait for this day of happiness just after beginning of Ramadan.

Happiness of Eid get perfection after getting release of all kinds of sins through the fasting. The invitation of Eid spread out everywhere through the moon sighting at the end of Ramadan month. Amazing sound of “O Mon Ramzaner Oi Rozar Seshe Elo Khushir Eid, Tui Apnake Aj Biliye De Shon Asmani Tagid…” is found everywhere.

Although Eid is a festival but it gets its real face when the joy touches all. So, the happiness should be shared with all. There is no differences between rich and poor. Monthly long fasting teaches people to sacrifice. Besides, it also inspires all to share the Eid festival among relatives, neighbors. Eid-ul-fitr enlighten Muslim society for maintaining solidarity, blessing and sacrifice. Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (Sm) announced, “Every nation has its own 'Eid, and 'Eid ul Fitr is our 'Eid (the muslims) -(Narrated by Bukhari, no. 952, 3931, and Muslim).

The main significance of Eid-ul-fitr is - realization of discrimination free life. Mistakes, sins touch human lives in many ways. But, the almighty wants that people should comeback to their honest lives getting release from sins and confusion. Necessity of fasting and purification cannot be explained using few words. The learnings from the Ramadan months can be helpful in rest of the times of the year.

Eid is not only a festival but also a prayer in the lives of Muslims. People from all walks of life say prayer joining Eid jamaat and offer gratefulness to the almighty. Fitra is 'wajib' for all members of a family and should be paid to the poor people. Besides, Jakat is also mandatory for all well-off persons. Eid becomes meaningful when all pay their Fitra and Jakat leaving all kinds of discrimination. As a result, the financial discrimination from society get removed.

Thousands of people go to their native villages to celebrate Eid leaving capital during Eid vacation. After the festival, innumerable people return to the city, work station. But, many people face hassle on the way back to the city due many reasons. Transport crisis is one of them. Even, passengers’ face problem during buying tickets of bus, train and launch. A disciplined management system in ticket selling and passenger transportation can relive the crisis.

Side by side, surveillance of the concerned authority and awareness in drivers are needed to avoid road accidents. Passengers should also evade risky travel. We expect that those who went to their home during this Eid, will return safely.

Eid-ul-fitr should be joyous. We expect, the joy of this festival will spread everywhere leaving all kinds of barriers. The learnings of Eid will touch all of us. Peace and prosperity should bestow upon all. Harmony and amity should extend universally. Our expectation is - the joy Eid celebration should be universal. Greetings to all the readers, writers, advertisers and well-wishers of risingbd.com. Eid Mubarak to all.

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