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Eid journey: Take steps to ensure safe return

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2018-08-17 1:22:34 PM     ||     Updated: 2018-08-17 2:32:59 PM

Eid-ul-Azha is knocking at the door. Thousands of people are leaving the capital to celebrate the Eid with their nearest and dearest ones.

Not only the people of capital, but also the people from other places of the country are heading towards their desired places centering Eid vacation. People from all walks of life try to return to home during this holiday. But, there is fear of suffering during the Eid journey as usual. Traffic jam is created on highway due to ongoing road repairing tasks. The road becomes narrow in some places following road construction and repairing. The concerned authority has said that all the highways will be fit for vehicle movement before Eid. Various types of initiatives were taken to ensure safe journey during Eid.

In reality, several roads and highways are in vulnerable condition yet. Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, western side of Meghna Bridge Toll Plaza under Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj is full of potholes. As a result, the users of that route have to face sufferings. A part of highway in Kanchpur Bus stand area was cut due to bridge construction. Ultimately, traffic jam is being created in that road also.

On the other hand, transports of 16 districts use Dhaka-Tangail Highway. According to the media reports, construction work of four-lane is underway in that route. Although the vehicles are plying from Chandra to Elenga four-lane road but the bitumen was not used yet in two sides of that highway.

Many home-bound people face hassle just after starting Eid journey. Collecting tickets maintaining long lines, traffic jam, additional ticket fare and other issues are common. Road accident is another horrific issue. Already, the road crash rate is high in the country. The possibility of road accidents increases during Eid journey due to additional vehicle pressure on roads and highways. More vehicles run on roads during Eid. Even, there is an allegation that fitness less water vessels are used in river routes during Eid rush. The concerned authority should give concentration in this regard.

Basically, traffic jam becomes the main reason of suffering during Eid journey. The authority should take steps to remove the suffering of passengers identifying the reasons behind traffic jam on highway. The Eid enjoyment may turn into a pain if the authorities don't ensure quick repairing of roads. However, the concerned authority said that the repairing is underway. But, the speed is must in this regard. Damaged road due to heavy rain should be repaired soon. Special initiatives should be ensured to stop illegal parking and hats on highway. 

Step is needed to stop unskilled and amateur drivers' side-by-side fitness less vehicles. We hope that the concerned authority will take immediate steps to ensure safety on roads and highways. The train schedule is seen jumbled up already. Surveillance is needed in this issue first. We expect that the passengers of train and launch will get a safe journey. Security should be ensured in many sectors including overcrowded launch, passengers on train roof.

There is a tendency to use old and risky water vessels. The authorities have to be careful so that these risky launches could not ply during Eid.

The highway, shipping and railway departments said that various types of steps were taken to ensure safe journey. We hope these steps will be implemented soon and appropriately. We also hope that the authority will take initiatives so that all people can return safely after enjoying Eid festival with their loved ones.

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