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Google AdSense now understands Bangla

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-09-27 2:43:40 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-09-27 8:44:00 PM

Desk Report: If anyone wants to earn money online, Google Adsense hits their mind at first because it is the most famous and realistic way to make money via blog or website that trillions of internet users are doing nowadays. 

It’s an advertising platform powered by Google which is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. A good news by Adsense team that AdSense now understands Bengali (Bangla). It is the most expected announcement by Google for Bangla publishers.

As Bangla is the language spoken by millions of people around the globe especially in Bangladesh, India and other countries now Bangla publishers can earn lots of bucks by using Google Adsense program for their own blogs and websites.

On 26 September 2017, Bangla is officially added to the list of AdSense supported languages according to the news published on Google blog. It is the great news that AdSense now has the capability to understand Bangla language because a big number of Bangla publishers would be able to earn online without spending lots of efforts and money. Almost all Bangla publishers with high quality and informative content will officially be allowed or place Google ads on their blogs and websites.

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