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I will never get married: Akshaye Khanna

Mukul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-07-08 2:41:49 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-07-08 5:22:10 PM

Risingbd Desk: Akshaye Khanna is one hottie you'd want to drool over time and again! Just a single glance at him and one would begin to reason why he's not married yet (he's so not meant for it).

In his recent visit to the capital city where he was seen promoting his upcoming MOM, Akshaye Khanna bares it all and admits how he's decided to remain a bachelor forever since he finds it 'unnatural' to last a relationship for a lifetime but would rather date for some time and move on!

The Taal actor has time and again confessed of being trapped in a commitment-phobic environment. When we asked him if his fears have gotten any better with time he was quick to add, "It is still there. And so I will never get married. I want to live my life alone. I can be in a relationship for sometime but I know I can't see it lasting for a lifetime."

On being asked to describe his frame of mind when it comes to relationships, Akshaye comes up with a pretty sorted justification. "See I find it very unnatural to stay in a relationship for that long. I know most of the world finds it more natural but I don't. I feel I should be allowed to move from one relationship to another whenever I want to."

Adding further he said, "I believe two people should be in a relationship till the time they both are happy about it but once it comes to a point that either of them is not happy then they should've the option to leave. And that leaving should not be the process it has become today i.e divorce. Parting should be as beautiful as being together."

Now that is quite a thought! Tell us what do you think about it?

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