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Govt probing Zia family’s wealth abroad: PM

Amirul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-09-13 9:08:08 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-09-14 9:50:01 AM

Senior Correspondent: Bringing allegations of endless corruption and money laundering against BNP and Jamaat, Prime minister Sheikh Hasina told parliament that appropriate actions will be taken against the money launderers accordingly.

The premier said, “The government is investigating what she called as money laundering by the members of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's family.”

"After investigation, we'll surely take steps to bring the money back based on the information that where and how it went out from the country," she said.

The prime minister came up with the comment while replying to a supplementary question of Jatiya Party MP Fakhrul Imam during the prime minister’s question-answer session in parliament on Wednesday.

She said the government is aware about the GIN report that published on the siphoning off money by the family members of the BNP chief to various countries of the world.

The prime minister said the government by the time has taken some steps regarding the matter. "I can't tell everything for the sake of the ongoing investigation."

She said it is known to everyone in the country that BNP had killed people, tortured them during their rule and they even killed people through arson attacks and unleashed terrorism and militancy when Awami League came to power. "When they (BNP) were in power they looted money and siphoned off it. People always alleged about it...it's known to all."

Hasina said the government already brought back some of the money siphoned off by Khaleda's youngest son Arafat Rahman Koko. This was the first time in Bangladesh history that siphoned off money was brought back," she told the House.

When it was in power, Hasina said, BNP had looted the wealth of people, making Bangladesh the champion in the index of corruption for five consecutive times.

"During the BNP-Jamaat tenure, the socioeconomic status of people had downgraded as there was no development in the country. Those who looted the money of people will surely face the appropriate action," she said.

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