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Padmaavat: India clashes as controversial film opens

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2018-01-26 2:54:38 PM     ||     Updated: 2018-01-27 1:09:06 PM

Entertainment Desk: Hardline Hindus angered by a Bollywood film have threatened cinema-goers and clashed with police in northern India.

Reports say a cinema owner in Uttar Pradesh was attacked. Several other theatres in the state and in neighbouring Bihar were also targeted.

Hardline Hindu groups allege the film Padmaavat is disrespectful of their culture by depicting a romance between a Hindu queen and a Muslim king.

The producers deny this. The release was delayed for two months by protests.

Many theatres across India have said that they will not screen the film, fearing further violence. But despite the threats, the film still opened in 5,000 cinemas in many parts of the country.

Some cinema-goers in Delhi said there was nothing controversial in the movie.

"All the ruckus that is going on is uncalled for," one viewer told the BBC after watching the film.

The Supreme Court rejected a bid by four states that wanted the film banned for security reasons, saying it was their responsibility to ensure law and order.

On Wednesday, footage of mobs attacking a bus carrying students in Gurgaon, near Delhi, caused outrage.

It is unclear why the mob attacked the vehicle, which was clearly marked as a school bus. A video of the attack showed scared students ducking under the seat as the bus was pelted with stones.

No children were injured in the incident, but protesters burned a number of other buses, and have also vandalised cinemas over the last few days.


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