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Walton goes into LGP-LDP production 

A K Azad : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-09-13 5:03:01 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-09-14 4:47:46 PM

Economic Correspondent: Local electronics giant 'Walton' is bringing revolutionary changes in television technology sector and going to manufacture LGP (Light Guide Plate) and LDP (Light Diffuser Plate) in Bangladesh, which are among the main components of LED display.

These components will be used in manufacturing display of LED television, signage and advertisement boards, LED panel lights along with various other uses including building construction and decoration.

Walton eyes to export these components after meeting local demand and the authorities hopeful of getting export order with the production as samples of the components have been send to various countries.

Sources said the LGP and LDP plates and sheets are manufactured in extrusion process following several steps. Walton, the leading local manufacturer of electronics products, imported cutting edge Optical Grade Extrusion Line last year from Germany and already set up the machine at Walton Micro-Tech Corporation in Chandra of Gazipur along with other machineries including latest CNC polishing and high speedy Printing and Testing machines.

Skilled engineers and technicians from Germany have been assigned to the production process and stock of high standard raw materials have been piled up. In short, Walton is all set to goes for world standard LGP and LDP production next months.

Touseef Al Mahmud, Senior Deputy Director of Walton TV Sourcing Engineering department, said, LGP and LDP are optical sheets which are mainly used in LED TV monitor and the display of laptop, tab, mobile phone along with LED panel light, digital signboards, advertisement and information boards and building construction and decoration.

He further said that, LGP is one kind of acrylic sheet, which works as the light guide plate of ELED televisions. Besides, the component is also used in construction and decoration of quality aquarium and structures as glass sheet. On the other hand, LDP is one kind of slim PS sheet, which works as diffuser plate of DLED TV and LED panel lights.

Mostofa Nahid Hossain, Additional Director of Walton TV Sourcing Engineering department, said, the picture quality of LED televisions will be improved when high quality LGP and LDP are manufactured in the country. The TV screens will be slimmer but more durable. The LED TV production costs will decrease and customers will enjoy the benefits as they can buy high quality LED TVs at more affordable prices.

Ashraful Ambia, Chief of Walton TV Sourcing Engineering department, said, the LGP and LDP used in advertisements or informative digital boards and LED panel lights are being imported which is very costly. However, many dishonest businessmen import low quality LGP and LDP to ease the production cost for which the customers suffer.

However, the components, which will be produced in Walton factory will be world standard and high quality as German technology is being used in the production processes. Informing that Walton goes for production in next month, he said that the production capacity of the plant would be 500kg per hour.

Mentionable, Walton has established the country's largest television research and development department at Walton Micro-Tech Corporation where skilled and experienced engineers are conducting regular research on TV technology.

Walton has attained remarkable achievements in all fields, including electronics, optical and mechanical designing following which the leading local manufacturer is going to LGP and LDP production.

Walton is also conducting research on next generation Quantum Dot Plus technology's SpectraQ TV, which will instigate a new horizon for Bangladesh in the worldwide television research.

The research and development department engineers of Walton are also working on groundbreaking concepts like the world's latest technology zero-bezel display, which the local brand will produce and go on marketing next year.

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