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Risingbd stands beside ‘the slum family’ at Bangabazar

News Desk : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2020-05-23 6:23:24 PM     ||     Updated: 2020-05-24 2:16:04 PM

Country’s leading and popular online news portal risingbd has stood beside the mother of two daughters, Rahima Begum, by providing her with food materials for 15 days and cash money.

risingbd published a story of the miserable life on Rahima Begum who lives with her two daughters at a slum of Bangabazar Railway Colony  in the city.  The headline of the story was ‘Stomach doesn't listen to us, Sir’.

According to the story ‘It was Thursday (May 21) noon. A minor girl and her mother were seen to beg for help to people in front of Poet Sufia Kamal Hall of Dhaka University. Due to her physical disability, she along with her daughter named Khushi, sitting nearby footpath, kept saying, "Stomach doesn't listen to us, Sir. Sir, go give us something."

When approached, the six-year-old girl said, "Sir, will you give me something? I have no father. My mother is sick. There is no food at home. I am begging in the streets. I buy foods with the money I get all day and eat those with my sick mother", the story also reads.

The story shook heart of the portal’s Advisory Editor and Executive Director of Walton Uday Hakim. He immediately issued instructions to provide food assistance to Rahima Begum.

It can be mentioned that Uday Hakim has already extended his helping hand towards many helpless people in the country after knowing about their family conditions during coronavirus pandemic.

On behalf of Uday Hakim, staff correspondent of risingbd Maksudur Rahman handed over the food materials and cash money to Rahima Begum on Saturday.

Rahima Begum has lost her husband. She lives on working as housemaid at different houses. But she lost her work due to coronavirus outbreak. As a result, her income also came to a close. Under the circumstances, she had been leading a very miserable life. Most often, she could not be able to manage daily meals for her two daughters.

Rahima Begumbecame emotional after getting food assistance.

The food items include rice, pulses, potato, sugar, onion, semai and other essentials.